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Low T Therapy

As men age, it is normal for testosterone levels to decrease. This decrease happens slowly over time, beginning at the age of 30. Testosterone plays an important role in a man's life. It is needed for muscle development, sex drive, facial and body hair, red blood cell production and a lot more. Therefore, as you can imagine, when testosterone decreases, it can send the body into a whirlwind of different issues. Low testosterone can also increase a man's anxiety and depression. So, while it is normal, it is not necessarily pleasant. Fortunately, we can help you. Our name is Bio-Vital Men’s Clinic, and we are dedicated to caring for the health needs of men.

Low T therapy is very successful in helping men to get their testosterone levels back up to an acceptable level. We have treated many men, who have reported a vast improvement in their symptoms after low T therapy. If you suffer from the symptoms of low testosterone, which can include erectile dysfunction, decreased strength and muscle, anxiety and a lot more, contact us to inquire about low T therapy. We will get to the bottom of things, and work out a treatment plan for you. We are conveniently located for those in El Dorado Hills, CA, Sacramento, Roseville, and other nearby areas.

If you would like a more detailed list of symptoms of low testosterone and the treatment plans that we offer, visit our website at You can also call us for more information. We care about you and your health, and we want to help you as we have done for so many other men in the area.

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